A healthy person in the modern world

A healthy person in the modern world

The modern world is governed by stress, fast food, big pharma and physical inactivity. A person who does not think much about his health and leads an exploitative and consumerist lifestyle imposed by society may one day discover a whole bunch of functional disorders and chronic diseases. In these conditions of the modern world, it becomes more difficult to meet a healthy man every year. The incidence rate among the male population is increasing every year.

At the same time, lethargy, constant fatigue, runny nose, allergies, depression, indigestion, insomnia and a dull complexion are the norm with which almost every second inhabitant of the metropolis lives humbly. And the fact that all these are alarming signals of the body that it is not coping with basic functions (not fed with full—fledged food, not doped with clean water, not restored with full sleep and rest) and it urgently needs to do something, few people come to mind. “Why, I don’t have any pain,” thinks a person with chronic gastritis, anemia, insomnia, mood swings, PMS, seasonal allergies or diarrhea.

On the one hand, humanity is progressing, scientific discoveries and technological breakthroughs are being made, modern gadgets are able to analyze the quality of sleep, water, air, and food. Biohacking is gaining momentum. On the other hand, we as a biological species are degrading — the health of the population is deteriorating every year; obesity, depression and infertility are no less terrible pandemics than the spread of viruses.

Many have learned to live with disorders and pathologies, because the modern healthcare system is built on a reactive principle — we treat when it already hurts. But there is also a positive dynamic in society — a trend for prevention is emerging: specialists in integrative and preventive medicine, nutritionists, healthy lifestyle experts, health coaches who adhere to a holistic approach, aim not to treat symptoms, but to prevent the cause of their appearance. The purpose of this field of professional activity is to teach a modern person to hear and feel his body and take proper care of it.

A healthy person has no problems with memory, concentration, focus of attention. He thinks well, easily remembers and remembers, he always has a “bright head”, because there are no deficits, clean, strong and elastic vessels, all brain cells receive enough oxygen and nutrition, there is no intoxication.It is obvious that in the modern world it is not easy to find an absolutely healthy person with all the listed signs. All this sounds like a barely achievable ideal — a real modern superhero!

However, if you start to treat your body more carefully, notice its signals, interpret them correctly and gradually change your lifestyle, diet and habits, then you can avoid a lot of diseases and noticeably improve the quality of life and the level of happiness.

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