Almonds Benefits – The Top 5 Health Benefits of Almonds

One of the most nutritious foods available today are almonds. Almonds provide a wide variety of health benefits including their high levels of dietary fiber, vitamin E and potassium, along with a number of minerals including potassium and magnesium. If you’re looking for a way to provide your body with all these nutrients, nuts such as almonds are the best choice. Almonds also contain a wide array of anti-oxidants, which will help fight any harmful effects that are associated with free radicals in your body. These types of radicals include things like cancer cells, which scientists have found to increase the risk of heart disease.

What are the other benefits of almonds? One of the benefits of almonds is that they are full of phytosterols. These phytosterol compounds are also present in blueberries and blackberries, but almonds are higher in these phytosterols than most other nuts. The reason for this is that almonds are lower in sodium and cholesterol. This makes them an even better choice for people on a sodium-reduction diet.

Another benefit of almonds is that they have a very low glycemic index, meaning that they don’t cause a spike in blood sugar when eaten. They also have very low levels of lactose and gluten, which means that they aren’t likely to cause a reaction if someone who has recently had a wheat allergy tries to eat a handful of almonds. Because almonds are a natural source of calcium, they are great for those who are trying to maintain good bone health. If you take a calcium supplement, be sure to get enough of this mineral from dairy foods, not from almonds. Finally, almonds are high in potassium and can provide some relief to people who suffer from hypercholesterolemia.

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