Our organic dried cherries will delight all the cherry lovers. They are unsweetened with no chemicals and we have scoured the whole planet to get the best of them and have hygienically dried, packed and ready to parcel them for you. Just have one bite of these delicious fruit and you will know why everyone rave about these delicacies.




An essential mineral; cooper is a primary nutrition of cherry and an aid to a deep and restful sleep. Cherries are a powerhouse of antioxidants which is why they have that deep red colour. They also are anti-inflammatory and has pain relieving sources in them

How to use

They are great addition to cereals and not to mention morning pancakes, a slight addition of honey and cherries on top would just make your Monday blues go away. They are like the saying goes cherry-on-the-top delicious for many baked items.

Additional information


250 GM, 400 GM, 900 GM


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