Dehydrated, dried and packed fruits are a busy man’s easy food. They are convenient, easy to store and lot easier to have the required nutrition at the go. Our special edition dried kiwi are like green candies that has a slightly tangy taste that just melts your taste buds. Our dehydration process dries up almost all of the water content from the fruit which gives them a very denser and chewier feel when eaten.




The size of a kiwi is very small but just one kiwi has more Vitamin C than three oranges combined. Though fresh kiwi has around 42 calorie count but a dried kiwi has approximately 180 calories and is really good when you are trying to gain weight.

How to use

Having a dried kiwi everyday could easily help you maintain great skin tone. A great addition to your cereal, you could also have them as snack or candies dipped in chocolates.

Additional information


250 GM, 400 GM, 900 GM


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