The dried form of the delicious fruit papaya are an excellent medium of nutrients. Though raw papaya consist of 88% of water and can be eaten raw but when dried they become nutrient-dense that gives your body enough energy. Papaya are basically tropical fruit so mostly dried form is used as they can be stored for longer and eaten all year round.




When papaya are dried they become a household that bears Vitamin C, B and A, zinc, potassium, iron, copper, carbohydrates, magnesium as well as soluble fibre. They can strengthen cellular body functions and prevent your body from muscular degeneration.

How to use

The perfect supplement to satiate your sweet tooth, our dried papaya chunks natural candies with no added sugar. You can eat them with cereals or toss them with salads or have them mixed up with melting custards. Dried juicy chunks of papaya is always irresistible with any meal.

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250 GM, 400 GM, 900 GM


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