They are sweet, they are delicious and just one word that describes them is ‘wow’. We guarantee you that you would love our premium collection of dried raspberries. These red chunk of dried joy is the sweetest thing you have ever tasted. Filled with its original juicy flavour, balanced harmonies are all natural with no added preservatives.





Raspberries or any other fruits when dried multiplies its nutrient contents as the water is dried up. They have huge content of ellegic acid which is a phenolic compound that can prevent cancer cells to form. Raspberry oil has a sun screen factor that keeps your skin tone intact.

How to use

They taste best when mixed with yogurt, cereals, pie toppings or just as they are, dried and chewy. Few very interesting recipes that uses dried raspberries are, raw coconut berry bites, raspberry cake, berry tarts, raspberry jello, dried raspberry jam and of course raspberry muffins which specially uses dried raspberry.

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250 GM, 500 GM, 1 KG


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