Without doubt strawberry is a fruit that brings water to the mouth with just its smell itself. Our dried fruit treat is for sure a customer favorite. Doozy store makes a promise that each bite of our dried strawberry is juicy, moist and sweet. We guarantee that no added preservatives have been added and we have taken to yield its original colour, taste, aroma, flavor and sweetness.




The beneficial nutrients of dried strawberry is unending. They instantly boosts your colon health, prevents you from chronic diseases, keeps your body satiated, helps loose weight, improves your diet intake and is full of Vitamin C and K

How to use

Their unique texture and aroma makes them one unique ingredient that have hundreds of uses. Fine ground dried strawberry as dairy-free icing, crush them to make grain-free donuts, indulge in a luscious mousse, the list will go on. Apart from all strawberry shakes and ice-creams have always been favorite among children and adults alike.

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250 GM, 500 GM, 1 KG


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