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The Wonder Nut

Cashews – The Wonder Nut

Cashews (Anacardium occidentale L), often referred as wonder nuts, originated from a tree native of eastern brazil, was introduced in India by the Portuguese nearly 5 centuries ago. In India, Cashews were first introduced in Goa, from where it spread to other parts of the country.

Cashews are delicious and powerhouse of nutrients. It can be mixed with any diet, cuisine, snacks or can be consumed raw at any time of the day.

Cashews are also used in Indian curries, pickles and flavoured rice varieties like biryani, adding nutrition and taste. Most Arabian, Iranian and Indian cusines use cashews to make them delicious. Cashews are also used in cookies, chocolates and sweets.

Health Benefits of Cashews
A considerable amount of Cashews in your diet can provide you with many health benefits
1. Promotes Heart Health
2. Prevents Blood Pressure
3. Protects the Eye
4. Good for the Skin
5. Helps Weight Loss and Management
6. Good Source of Dietary Fibres
7. Gives you Healthy and Shiny Hair
8. Prevents Anaemia
9. Natural Anti Depressant
10. Promotes Bone Health
11. Boosts Immunity

Who can eat cashews
Cashews can be consumed by anyone at any time of the day. Be it kids, teens, adults, people on strict diets, health ailments, elderly and even your pets. Cashews help you stay healthy and also keep you happy, as it promote production of Dopamine in your body, which is the key to beat stress and anaemia.

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