Apricot is a fruit found in small groove like trees varying in colour from yellow to orange to red. The surface of the fruit is very velvety with small hairs and though the flesh is firm, the inside of it really juicy. While some might taste sweet some might even taste tart. Dried apricots is a traditional dry fruit in Turkey.

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They are rich in Vitamin A and fibre which makes it a good source of nutrition to the heart. When apricots are dried the amount of nutrition level goes up and becomes more beneficial. It is about 86% of water which makes it best eatables for dietitian.

How to use

You can use the apricots to make drink like the Egyptian do. Dried apricots are found in large number everywhere in the world and are used as snacks. You could also cut them to small pieces and use them in breakfast and cereals like muesli.

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