Raisins whether black, purple or gold, both comes from the fruit grape but the colour it attains once dried depends upon the way they are dried. But we all have to agree with the fact that golden raisins tastes far better and fruitier than any other raisins. Unlike other raisins, our golden premium raisins are not dried under the sun but at a regulated dehydrators under controlled temperature which gives the end product a lot more juicier and plump finish.


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Despite colour and taste, raisins are packed with vitamins, fibre and minerals. They are naturally sweet and aids a lot is booting digestion, keeping the body strong and fulfilling the iron deficiency of our body.

How to use

Used in all types of salads, sweets, cakes, cookies, pastries and energy bars. Many culinary dishes also have small or large amount of raisins as an important ingredient.

Additional information

Weight 250 g

100GM, 250GM


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