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Almonds have always been popular among Indians, be as snack or for garnishing. California is the only state in North America which produces almonds and they are exceptionally good. Hygienically packed by our experts they are refreshment for your sweet tooth.


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Ancient Indians scholars believed that almonds are a great source in developing brain, creating intellectual minds and longevity of human body. Its nutritional values and benefits are praised worldwide and its oil enhances skin and also reduces inflammation. Just 4 grams of fibre and 6 grams of energizing protein can make you do anything you thought you can’t do.

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They make great snacks and appetizers. It can also be found as garnish in various sweets, ice-creams, lassi and special Indian dishes too. A handful of almonds should be regularly given to the children for a healthy and strong body and mind.

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    Good Packaging…

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