Cashew nuts once used to be called as poor man’s vegetation but now they are exquisite nuts that are sold in high prices. These meaty, soft, creamy white nuts have an amazing richness in its flavour that makes it a favourite for all. Dozzy store introduces you to this packet full of nutrition called kaju padki which is actually 2 piece kaju that is wholesome, tasty and fresh.

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Cashew nuts have fats that are not at all harmful for the body; in fact they prevent anaemia and are healthy for the heart. It helps build nerves and muscle formation of the body. It also influences the insulin level of our body thus preventing one from diabetes.

How to use

It has a very rich taste and so serves as a common ingredient in many Indian as well continental dishes. Indian special occasion sweets usually have broken or this two piece kaju as the layer which gives it a crispiness as well as good taste.

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