Cashew nuts are a fruit that comes under the Anacardiaceae family which also includes mangoes and pistachios. Doozy store products are picked up directly from growers and are packed under very clean and hygienic facilities which retain the freshness and aroma of the nuts. Tukda kaju are much cheaper than the usual kaju and they come in 4 pieces.

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Cashews are has the least amount of fibre in it yet it is a powerhouse of mineral, vitamin and antioxidants. An ounce of cashew a day can keep your whole body healthy and builds up immune so well that it prevents one from blood sugar, high pressure and protects the eyes and bones as well.

How to use

Tukda cashews are mostly sought by the chefs and homemakers for the special dishes like kaju katli. They are very efficient in thickening up liquid based dishes like soup, dessert, stews and other milk based sweets. They are also used to make candy bars and pastry toppings as splits turn up to be crispier that the whole one.

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