One of the oldest edible nuts in the world these nuts belong to the Anacardiaceae family and a pistachio tree takes about 10-12 years to produce its first batch of pistachio nut. It’s a drupe with the nut covered inside which is edible. Salted pistachios are a favorite among all and the best thing is they are not seasonal.


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These low calorie nut is rich in vitamin, protein, vitamin B-6, minerals and fibre. It is really good for good eye health and can contribute a lot to the human protein needs. They are awesome supplement for vegans and also help one lose weight.

How to use

Other than eating these nutty yummy delicious fruits as snack pistachios are used in various eatables, like pastry, cakes, ice-creams, cookies and pastries. The nuts are creamy and sweet in taste and salted pistachios gives them an additional punch to our taste buds.

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