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If you say that walnut is a nutritious food then we are simply underestimating it because for the last 50 years researchers and agriculturist are studying about it and every year there is an annual conference which discusses its new benefits. Peeled walnuts from Doozy store are clean and very hygienically packed so that you can have it right from the packet itself.

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They are super source of antioxidants and omega-3 which are usually found in fish so it makes a valuable intake for the vegans. It promotes a healthy gut and manages type-2 diabetes as well. They also regulates blood pressure and acts as anti aging.

How to use

Raw and organic walnuts makes great nut milk. Other than being a tasty snack even skin care products are made out of walnut. Walnut shells are commercially used for various cleaning liquids and cosmetics as well.

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Weight 250 g

100GM, 150GM

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  1. Shardul Kulkarni

    Good Quality but my daughter loves to it when dip in Honey… So can you people make such Honey Flavored Walnut

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