Consumed for about 6000 years now, flax seeds are super food that are one among the highest produced foods. These tiny brown or tan coloured seeds are a powerhouse of nutrition. They also cure hyperlipidemia which means the body has abnormally high amount of concentrated fats that is injurious for your heart.


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Omega-3 which is very much essential for the body are mostly found in fish and for vegans these plant based food is the richest substitute to fish. They are also the greatest source of lignans which is a must for the human diet. 

How to use

Drink them with water as part of your daily fluid intake. Its also used for dressing salads, thickening smoothies and also as an substitute for egg. Other than being used as a food ingredient flax seeds are also famous for textile production. Popularly known as linen cloth they are also used to produce bed sheets, table linen, shirts, underclothes etc.

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Flax Seeds

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