Technically speaking sunflower seeds are actually a fruit of the sunflower plant and are harvested only from the biggest flower heads. Sunflowers are usually harvested for two purpose, one for the seeds and other for the oil. The seeds taste nutty and mild with a tender texture and you can buy both raw and roasted seeds.


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Sunflower seeds are great in lowering your blood pressure level and supports the skin’s health. They are also happy boosters as they elevates your mood and gives you a proper restful sleep at night. They also have proteins that are beneficial for hair growth.

How to use

The flower itself looks amazing and gives one a sunny feeling, similarly the crunchy seeds stand up to be a wonderful snack on its own. Add an ounce of seeds to your cold or hot beverage to give it a nutty twist. Many chefs around the world use them as sprinklers in salads and traditional dishes.

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