What determines the duration of a healthy life and the health of a man

What determines the duration of a healthy life and the health of a man

According to scientists, the health and longevity of a modern person depends on health care by 10%, on genetics by 20%, on ecology and the state of the environment by 20%, and on lifestyle by 60%. Each of these sections combines a lot of different factors and circumstances, while the human body is such a complex multilevel and multifactorial system that so far no decisive rule or test system can even approximately cover all the possible variety of factors, reactions, interactions and combinations. Therefore, all existing methods of estimating the forecast of life expectancy have some drawbacks and are not widely used in practice. So far, experts cannot even predict the weather for the next day, and what can we say about human life for years.

In 2022, the World Health Organization has identified 10 main causes of the main diseases of our time that shorten and worsen our lives:

  • High blood pressure or hypertension.
  • Obesity and poor nutrition.
  • Increased cholesterol and other fats in the blood.
  • Low physical activity.
  • Smoking.
  • Excessive alcohol consumption.
  • Drug use.
  • “Unprotected” sex.
  • Poor quality of drinking water.
  • Air pollution.

Controlled harmful factors we can completely or at least partially eliminate and thereby prevent the development of diseases, improve well-being and live longer and better. There are also uncontrollable factors, such as heredity, gender and age. There seems to be nothing you can do about them, but it turns out that these factors can be neutralized or compensated to some extent with the help of controlled factors.

There is another important condition for healthy longevity – the level of education and culture, which give everyone a certain hygienic and medical literacy and upbringing necessary today. It is knowledge and some preparation that make it possible to effectively control all other factors on which health and longevity depend.

Relatively recently (in 2020), American scientists published the results of a large statistical study on the life expectancy of a healthy man, which took into account many lifestyle factors and ethnic characteristics. According to these data, the average life expectancy is growing only in the more educated segments of the population. Knowledge gives strength, health, and longevity. And it is also important to love and appreciate life or at least keep an interest in it. All this determines the lifestyle, quality and number of years lived.

All known controlled and uncontrolled factors that affect the duration and quality of life to one degree or another can be combined into 6 main parameters that characterize the biological activity of a person and determine its quantitative and qualitative capabilities and longevity: genetics, ecology, diet, physical regime, psychological regime, harmful and useful habits. In human biology, everything is interconnected and unified. Nevertheless, these parameters are highlighted not just for the convenience of presentation, but also because each of them has its own rules, recommendations and opportunities, knowledge and compliance with which can ensure healthy longevity.

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